All dates are approximate and can change year to year

Carnaval – Usually in February or March; it will always precede Ash Wednesday.  This will be 4 days of parades where you can see the Reinas (Queens) of each side of town display their beautiful floats and costumes.  The party begins at 9 AM and doesn’t’ end until 4 AM every day.  This event takes place in most villages (including Pedasi).  The largest and most known location is Las Tablas. 

Semana Santa (Holy Week) – This is the week before Easter.  Their will be processions by the church with displays of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  This is a very popular time for families to get together, cook and go to the beach.  Takes place all over Panama. 

Feria Internacional de Azuero – This is a 5-day agricultural fair that takes place in Villa de Los Santos in late April.   There are artisans selling furniture and decor, delicious foods, amusement park rides, and rodeos. 

Corpus Christi – This celebration which occurs 40 days after Easter can be experienced also in Villa de Los Santos.  This is where you can see the deviled masks and other elaborate costumes participate in the parades. 

Pollera Festival – In July, Las Tablas has the most spectacular display of the Pollera dresses worn by young and old alike.  These dresses are handmade and cost in the thousands of dollars.  There will be parades, music, food and parties.

Feria de La Mejorana – This is the largest folkloric festival in Panama that takes place in Guarare in September.  You can find many artisans selling the handmade Mejorana stringed instrument. 

Oxcart festival – This happens in many different villages, but you can see it sometime in October in Pedasi.  It’s a parade of carts pulled by bulls that shows all the different agricultural representations of each village.  Right before the sun goes down, you can watch the running of the bulls happen right in town square. 

Fiestas Patrias – The month of November has many patriotic holidays.  Panama celebrates two independence days:  From Colombia and from Spain.  There is also a Shout out day and a flag day.  Many businesses are closed A LOT during November.