There are several ways to get here depending on the time you have and the money you want to spend.

  1. Air Panama has a charter flight that leaves out of Albrook airport twice daily. The $70 each way flights only take 30 minutes and will take you to an airport in Chitre, which is an hour from Pedasi. From there, you can rent a car and drive, take a small bus, or taxi into Pedasi.
  2. Take the bus from Albrook bus terminal (connected to Albrook mall). This will cost you under $10 and get you all the way to Las Tablas, which is 35 minutes from Pedasi. From here, you can take a smaller bus or taxi into Pedasi. J
  3. Rent a car in the city at the airport and make the 5 hour drive yourself. The roads are good enough to drive here, but I wouldn’t advise leaving the city after 2 pm. It’s not a good idea to drive at night because there are dogs, pedestrians, and many cars without functioning lights. Also, the traffic leaving the city is horrible during the afternoon. One thing to remember about renting a car, is if you rent a 4×4, you will have to leave a hefty deposit through your credit card. Pedasi does not require a 4×4, but if you are traveling beyond Playa Venao, you will most likely benefit from one.

Panama uses US currency and has for quite some time.  They have Balboa coins equivalent to .01, .05, .10, .25, .50, and 1.00.  They are same size and weight as US coins, although they won’t work in the US!  They do not have paper currency, only US paper bills.  Pedasi has two banks that have ATM machines for your convenience.  Most of the grocery stores in town accept credit cards as well as SOME restaurants.  But you will find that cash is still the preferred method of payment here, so come prepared. 

Pedasi is a small farming/fishing village where most all the locals have lived here their entire lives!  Most all the locals walk or ride their bikes to get from point A to B.  They know each other and wave and talk about the latest happenings in town.  It is safe here.  I feel safer with my children walking around town here than in many places in Texas!  Having said that, there is always crimes of opportunity or petty theft.  So be smart about locking your home or valuables.

Yes! The city water in town is completely safe to drink and quite tasty!

Our electricity here is for the most part, good. However, we are in a remote part of a developing country. Power outages do occur if there is bad weather, or if work is being done on lines. These outages can be very short or last a few hours. You may never experience one during your visit, or you may experience a few. There is no guarantee!

Internet here is NOT yet considered high speed. The most you will find in Pedasi at this time is 5 mbps up and down. But four years ago, we didn’t even have close to that. So, things are changing quickly!

There are several beaches within a 3km radius from the center of town.  (see the activities page for description).  Most of them are easy to get to by riding bikes.  You can walk to some, but you may find yourself tired AND hot walking back! 

Please click link below to open the PDF document of helpful information on Pedasi. 

Pedasi Living Information packet